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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

  • Kelly is still sexy, though.
  • A celebrity is absolutely an artist. There's always a way to make their own fame. Creativity speaks.

    If you used to see Kelly with her celebrated boobs, now you find it different; Kelly is wearing a sexy skirt!

    Don't worry, it's only on a movie set. The actress, model and TV presenter was on the set of Dirty Dancing - The Time Of Your Life, in Virginia.

    Kelly is a judge on the show, which gives unknowns the chance to follow in the footsteps of JOHNNY and BABY and win a big money contract with an LA agency.

    Kelly appears to be copying a CHEEKY GIRLS pose in the photo, showing off her hips and backside - though with a little bit more class about her.

    Kelly's grey skirt and blouse combo show off her toned figure, and seem to hint that she's looking for a more grown up look.

    After all, I hope that Kelly doesn't wear that sexy skirt out the movie set.

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    Source: the Sun

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