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Friday, June 20, 2008

  • What a sexy character!
  • Rita Hayworth was known as the 'Love Goddess' for her explosive on-screen sexual charisma during the 1940s, which made men go weak at the knees.

    Now Kelly Brook is set to do the same after dressing up as the Hollywood siren in a sexy new photo-shoot emulating the movie star.

    Kelly has recreated images from classic film Gilda, which was credited with turning the movie great into an international sex symbol and pin-up.

    The model, dressed in satin, recreates the legendary one-glove striptease from the film, which titillated a whole generation of men when released in 1946.

    Hayworth's portrayal of Gilda, who famously sings the sultry 'Put the Blame on Mame' in the film, was said to have been the ultimate 'femme fatale' role. more...

    Source: dailymail

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