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Thursday, November 12

'Calendar Girls' has become Kelly Brook's stage debut and been on audience's minds.

Not the play itself nor the title, but I am sure that the audience (especially the male ones) keep their memory on Kelly Brook's performance.

Was she captivating all the men's attention by her stage act?

Uhm, I must say NO, but yeah, YES!

Frankly, it was not about how the dialogues went, but it's more likely about Miss Brook's appearance on the stage of Noel Coward Theatre, London.

"Calendar Girls" was a British story which told about a group of extraordinary women, members of a very ordinary Yorkshire WI, persuaded one another to pose for a charity calendar. Not like majority calendars, this one posed the girls who dropped their dressing gowns, modesty spared only by artfully placed cakes, knitting and flower arrangements.

And...one of those girls was Celia, played by Kelly Brook!

So, it comes to conclusion why the hell people still keep the show on their minds.


Monday, November 2

Hmmm, is that a real glitter?
No image manipulation for sure?

I love it, then!


Thursday, October 22

Kiss might be one of the most delightful things you can give and gain. Imagine that your partner is the sexy doll Kelly Brook...

Yep, you'are not the one who would do kiss Kelly Brook everytime you have a chance in front of your very eyes. Who wouldn't?

Unfortunately, Kelly Brook recently admits that she is tired of kissing!

Uhmmm...it's a fan-kiss to be exact.

She said: "I keep getting people coming up to me, sneaking in for a kiss. They'll just dive right in. Before you know it, they're in there. It's so quick and then it's over."

Referring to the statement, I only find two reasons why Kelly Brook hates a fan-kiss. First, because it is a sneaking kiss. Second, it is so quick.

So, do you wanna see Kelly Brook enjoy your fan-kiss?

Just make a straightforward and long lasting kiss... miss Brook will love it.


Source: monstersandcritics

Thursday, September 10

The 2008 London's Freewheel is back on Sunday 20 September 2009, renamed the Mayor of London's Skyride. The event is an annual campaign which gives people the opportunity to cycling safely in London's roads.

Well, I think London people are having a good sense lately as they have chosen Kelly Brook for the cycling campaign. Hmmm, it looks like she is the most icon who will absolutely sells the products.

Look! Even Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, he doesn't let go the chance to ride alongside Kelly. Maybe he has also made some pics for his private collection...

Other time, the Mr. Johnson might use Kelly to promote soil fertilizer and people would willingly buy it.

Good job, Mayor!


Tuesday, September 8

Everytime I see Kelly and Danny...ah, I think they are the hottest couple on earth!

Do you know what crowns them the hottest?

OK, I share you my version,

First, hot body. Surely both Kelly and Danny have it.
Second, hot body language. Do you see how they flirt with each other?
Third, hmmm it might not be that hot if they didn't show up under the hot sunshine...LOL!


Thursday, August 27

Ah, this British sexy beauty is about to make another magazine appearance. You'll find her featured in the original lads' mag "Loaded" of October 2009 issue.

Surely this mag has a good sense of picking a featured celeb. Some light interviews are there to check, including what's Kelly's "the most".

Talking about 'the worst' rumor about herself, surprisingly Kelly says that all rumors are untrue (the true one is about her boobs?). I mean it, she says that there are lot of fake boobs out in California, so hers were a bit of novelty for them.

Well, is there any way to know if yours are fake or not, Kel?


Tuesday, August 11

A survey says that Kelly Brook’s cleavage, Halle Berry's face, Jessica Alba’s abs, and Elle Macpherson’s incredible legs make-up the perfect beach goddess.

Gosh..., people won't stop imagining, ever!
Isn't Kelly Brook amazing enough with her boobs? Why combining with other person's body parts?

Well, I know it is enjoyable to play a Mix and Match game. So, let me contribute one, then:

Kelly Brooks' boobs, Paris Hilton's brain, Jessica Simpson's lips, plus Eminem's big mouth!

Perfect! What would you call it?


Source: dailymail

Saturday, November 22

English model Kelly Brook, who has been known to be a favourite with the British public, has in an interview revealed the secrets of her beauty.

Brook, who launched her own fragrance called Vivacious this week, revealed what her fragrance is all about, and how it reflects her personality. She also revealed that her secret to instant glamour was red lipstick, nails and a dress, and that her style icon is Sophia Loren.

Brook also revealed that her favourite nail polish was Fishnet stockings by Essie or Malaga Wine by OPI, when asked, and that she maintains her luscious locks by using vegetable treatments at Daniel Galvin.

Regarding her weight she stated that she has never ever checked to see how much she weighs. On the beauty products that she uses, she revealed that Soap And Glory scrubs are great and that on a date she always wears Chanel lipgloss. With the accessories to make her beautiful, Brook revealed that the one thing that makes her feel sexy is her boyfriend.

Tuesday, October 21

Eventually, Kelly Brook marked her West End debut last night (20 October 2008, previews from 13 October) in Neil LaBute’s Fat Pig at the Comedy Theatre, where guests who turned out to support her including fellow models Keeley Hazel and Zoe Hobbs, actress Martine McCutcheon, Brook’s ex 'Strictly Come Dancing' instructor Brendan Cole, and her boyfriend, rugby player Danny Cipriani.

Wednesday, October 15

Danny Cipriani is said to have splashed out on a Ł36,000 diamond ring for girlfriend Kelly Brook. He also presented her with a bouquet of flowers as they left the Comedy Theatre in London on Monday night.

The rugby hunk wanted to celebrate her first performance in West End show Fat Pig. Kelly, 28, started dating Danny, 20, 6 weeks ago, shortly after she split from fiancé Billy Zane, 42.

Monday, September 29

Model and TV presenter Kelly Brook has appeared with her co-stars ahead of her West End stage debut in the hit play Fat Pig.

Brook will play Jeannie in Neil LaBute's play at the Comedy Theatre in London, from October 13.

She joins Kevin Bishop, Nicholas Burns and Ella Smith in this play. Fat Pig opened at the Trafalgar Studios in May this year.

Tuesday, September 23

Kelly Brook is dating again to make her ex-fiance Billy Zane jealous. The model-and-TV presenter, who is currently dating England rugby star Danny Cipriani, reportedly hopes that Billy will reconsider their relationship after he sees her with another man.

The 28-year-old beauty - who was first spotted with Danny, 20, earlier this month as the pair enjoyed a romantic meal at London's The Ivy restaurant - has been telling pals she doesn't think the relationship will last.

Earlier this month, Kelly revealed she was still in love with 42-year-old Billy, who she dated for around four years.

Tuesday, September 16

Since breaking up with Billy Zane, Kelly Brook seems to find another guy to date. She was spotted out on a dinner date with Danny Cipriani.

The “Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo” hottie looked gorgeous in a black and white dress.

Following their gourmet meal, Danny and Kelly appeared smiling and holding hands as they went to a nearby hotel to continue their wonderful evening together.

Monday, September 1

Kelly Brook admits that is is hard to forget her ex-boyfriend, Billy Zane after four-year relationship. The model told to Glamour magazine that she's still in love with the actor, said, "I see myself as single - yet I'm very much in love with Billy."

She revealed that she had lost her own self-control after the death of her father, Kenneth Parsons.

"Billy and I both fly around the world and are introduced to beautiful people every day on location. We did that really well for four years when we were committed to each other, but I didn't have the energy to keep that going. When my Dad died I was at rock bottom. It broke my heart to see my relationship with Billy go, but I can't emotionally support another person and myself. I want to
be available for my family."

Kelly is still afraid of rebuild her relationship with the American actor although the couple spotted enjoyed romantic holidays in the south of France and Ibiza.

"I'm not in a committed relationship. He's free to do as he pleases," she added.

Friday, August 29

Separated from ex-boyfriend, Billy Zane, might have brought more luck for Kelly
Brook. After broke the Hollywood actor's heart, the sexy model grabs her first
West End part.

The 28-year-old actress takes over from Gavin & Stacey star Joanna Page to play
in hit show Fat Pig.

A source reveals, "Kelly is absolutely thrilled. It's every actress's dream
to appear in a lead role in the West End. She is passionate about the production
and determined to nail the part. It's a huge break."

Goodbye love, and here comes the money!

Source: Mirror



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